Reduce Costs and Secure Enterprise Data from Threats

Discover how managed cloud backups-as-a-service (BaaS) enables dependable and secure data backup and recovery.

Discover the Benefits of Fully Managed and Monitored BaaS Services

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Businesses leveraging off-site BaaS solutions can better secure their data from user error and external threats while minimizing the total cost of ownership for data storage. In addition, managed BaaS services takes responsibilities off internal teams, promoting productivity and cost-savings.

In the Webair BaaS overview, you will learn:

  • The value of having an off-site backups strategy
  • How leveraging BaaS can give your IT team the peace of mind that your data is secure
  • How off-site BaaS reduces costs and promotes reliable storage and recovery

Receive Tailored Cloud BaaS Solutions

Interested in increasing the availability of your mission-critical assets and promoting data backup scalability? Download the BaaS overview and learn how Webair can support you.

Affordable, Reliable, and Secure Data and App Backup

With Webair’s BaaS solutions you will receive dependable long-term backup, storage, and recovery with the capabilities and scalability of the cloud.







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