IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) Improves Healthcare Organizations

Recent technological advances within healthcare, such as the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), make it more important than ever to have reliable data backup and disaster recovery processes in the event of a disaster. 

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For healthcare business and IT leaders, top challenges include:

  • Securing private medical data
  • Improving patient care and management
  • Monitoring healthcare organization’s mission-critical infrastructure stack
  • Adhering to strict HIPAA and HITECH compliance requirements, all while completing critical IT tasks with reduced team sizes.

Leveraging the help of a managed cloud and IT services provider can help offload administrative tasks and promote cost savings. 

Webair’s Healthcare IT solutions provide healthcare organizations with the resources and support to optimize operational performance, lock down data security, and easily manage cloud infrastructure and services – all protected by enterprise-class cloud and disaster recovery solutions.  

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  • Reduce costs

  • Mitigate security risks

  • Improve efficiency

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Data Center Locations 

Webair offers businesses access to multiple global data center locations to host your mission-critical infrastructure including:

Data Center Locations