Everything to Know About Network Disaster Recovery 

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Make Network Recovery Part of the DR Plan

When it comes to implementing a disaster recovery strategy, the networking aspect is widely overlooked, and unfortunately, it’s an oversight that can wreak complete havoc on your business and data. Networking is arguably the most critical component of any comprehensive disaster recovery strategy, so your disaster recovery strategy is really only as strong as the networking behind it.

Download the guide to find out about:

  • Internal network failover, including VXLAN, SD-WAN, L2 Stretch, and more

  • Public network failover, including DNS, Proxy services, GSLB, BGP, and other network protocols

  • How to failover/failback connectivity to 3rd parties in a completely automated fashion using Network-as-a-Service platforms

  • How to build your DR network to ensure testing can be conducted properly despite complex hybrid IT requirements and 3rd party integrations

Download the Guide