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Veeam Backup for Enterprise-Level Data and Applications

Webair’s fully managed off-site Backups-as-a-Service (BaaS) solutions leverage Veeam Cloud Connect technology to ensure organizations can secure their essential data and applications. Webair’s BaaS solutions promote compliance for healthcare, financial, and enterprise businesses that need to follow strict data protection regulations, such as HIPAA-HITECH, PCI-DSS, and more.

Webair’s off-site backup solutions provide companies with:

  • Ease of mind over security and compliance requirements
  • No data transfer costs when backing up or restoring
  • Dependable and efficient backup and recovery

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Webair cloud backup solutions with Veeam Cloud Connect provide:

Veeam LP Cloud Benefits (light teal)

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30-Day, 5TB BaaS Trial

Data Center Locations 

Webair offers businesses access to multiple global data center locations to host your mission-critical infrastructure including:

Data Center Locations